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  • Hypnosurgery Live – Operations performed with hypno-anaesthesia. Video of hernia repair and dental surgery performed without the use of chemical anaesthetic. Two-hour British television special (April 2006).
  • Hypnogenesis – An extensive collection of articles from the internet magazine for hypnosis.
  • Omni Hypnosis Training Center Articles – An interesting collection of articles, including:
    The “Light Switch” Self Hypnosis Technique…..Gerald Kein
    Breaking Your Comfort Zone……Gerald F. Kein
    How To Do The Dave Elman Induction…..Gerald Kein
    How To Use Waking Hypnotic Suggestions…..Gerald F. Kein
    Reversing Heart Disease With Hypnosis…..Gerald Kein
    Hypnoanalytical Uncovering Techniques…..Gerald F. Kein
    Can You Anesthetize The Sub-Conscious Mind?…..Gerald F. Kein
    Dave Elman – The Man (A true story)…..Martin Segal
    An Interview With Steve Parkhill
    All We Do Is Talk…..Steve Parkhill
  • Library of Hypnosis and Healing – An extensive selection of hypnosis articles on a range of topics. David Quigley’s Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts.
  • Kevin Hogan – Many hypnosis articles and other resources.
  • Hyptalk – Victoria Wizell’s site including a large collection of hypnosis articles.
  • Durbin Hypnosis – The site of Paul Durbin, Ph.D. Lots of articles and scripts.