First, a note about hypnosis scripts…

The use of hypnosis scripts can be an effective way of learning structure for working in hypnosis. This can be especially true for people with a literal learning style. Once hypnotic structure is learned and internalized, the literal use of scripts can fade away as a person develops more flexibility and confidence in their own approach.

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Hypnosis Script Collections

These collections include free hypnosis scripts.

  • Banyan Hypnosis Center – Scripts by Calvin Banyan, MA, CI, CH: Stop Stuttering, The Ultimate And Virtually Universal Hypnosis Script For Change and Motivation-Take the High Road To Success, Patter For Erectile Dysfunction by Increasing Sensual Acuity (these individual scripts also listed in the next section). Scripts For Use By 5-PATH and 7th Path Trained Hypnotherapists Only: Weight Loss Script-Over Eating Rut Patter, Stop Smoking, Sleep Disturbance Script.
  • Joseph Bennette – A good collection of scripts: Arthritis, Attachment, Book Burning Imagery, Center of Creation, Confidence, Creating, Ego Strengthener, Elman Instant Induction, Fear of what others think, Goal Achievement, Healing before surgery, Inner Advisor, Insomnia, Matrix Induction, Past Life Regression Technique, Procrastination, Purple Bag, Rainbow Garden, Sleep Easy, Snoring (these individual scripts also listed in the next section).
  • Diviniti Publishing Limited – Scripts and inductions, including: Air is the Currency of Life, The Progressive Relaxation Induction, The Association Induction, The Awareness Induction, The Hand Breathing Induction, Yapko Relaxation Induction, Garden-Beach Induction Deepener, Confidence in Company Script, Forgetting Script, Healing Before Surgery Script, Healing White Light Script, Guilt Release Script, The Spark Script, Instructions For Life.
  • Hypnosis Scripts Book – Over 130 hypnosis scripts. The ebook has 385 pages and 78,000 words. This Hypnosis Scripts Book is for Anyone with an Interest in Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy: Stage Hypnotists, Clinical Hypnotherapists, Hypnosis Students, anyone with an interest in hypnotism, and the science of hypnotic arts. It has; Induction Scripts, Deepening Scripts, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Subject Scripts, Termination Scripts, Signs of Trance, Trance Testing, Trance Reinduction, Creating Amnesia as well as Other Hypnotic Information; How to Use the Scripts, Writing Your Own Hypnosis Scripts, More Tips on Hypnosis Scripts and a Free Online Video Hypnosis Course.
  • – A large number of scripts on a wide range of topics, as well as inductions and information on hypnosis.
  • Hypnosis For Birth – Pat Sonnenstuhl’s site with a variety of scripts for childbirth and other uses.
  • Craig R Lang, MS CHt – Interesting scripts and articles: Manage Visual Floaters, Manage Chronic Discomfort, Auric Healing and Protection (these individual scripts also listed in the next section).
  • Free Hypnosis Scripts – This excellent website has an extensive collation of professional and curated free hypnosis scripts and links to script collections. There is also helpful information about copyright and how to make a self hypnosis recording. All scripts are available from the scripts page and no email registration or credit card is required to gain access.
  • Wayne Perkins – Scripts including: Free Self-hypnosis Training, Stress Management Script, Free Self-hypnosis Session for Those Who Suffer From ADD, Free Hypnosis Weight Control, Communication with the Spirit World Script, How to Overcome Test Anxiety, Free Immune System Exercise (these individual scripts also listed in the next section).
  • Terence Watts – A great collection of scripts including inductions, deepenings, therapies. Some of the titles: Confusional Technique, Body Conditioning, Awareness Induction, Progressive Relaxation, Deep Relaxation, Staircase, Stiff Arm, Rapid Method, Handbreathing, Seven Plus or Minus Two, Tropical Island, Magic Rainbow, Space, Fairground, Down Thro’ Consciousness, Time Capsule, Slimming By Self-Worth, Healing Before Surgery, Confidence in Company, Ego Strengthener, Permissive Quit Smoking Script, Fear of What Others Think, Guilt Release, Arthritic and Other Pain, Sleepeasy, Hypno Preparation, The Swish Technique, Forgetting, Construction of a script, Compounding, Useful Affirmations (some of these individual scripts also listed in the next section).

Free Individual Hypnosis Scripts



  • Alcohol – from freehypnosisscripts website (1/4 sessions)
  • Asthma – from website







  • Creating – from Joseph Bennette’s website




  • Dave Elman Induction (Pure original form) – from Gerald F. Kein’s Omni Hypnosis Training Center
  • Disease – from website
  • Drugs – from website




  • Energy – from website




  • Frigidity – from freehypnosisscripts website







  • Health Improvement Imagery – several short selections: the Special Place, Inner Advisor, Imagine Yourself Well, Tension and Stress, Healing of Cuts and Injuries, Arteries and Heart Disease, Asthma and Lung Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Infections, Weak Immune System (Immune deficiency disorders: HIV, AIDS, and others), Overactive Immune System (Allergies, asthma, arthritis, etc.), Pain, Depression, Behavior Change




  • Insomnia – from Joseph Bennette’s website




  • Jealousy – from freehypnosisscripts website



















  • Scriptnosis – an assortment of “Scriptnosis” scripts on a variety of topics
  • Snoring – from Joseph Bennette’s website


  • Stop Smoking  – from freehypnosisscripts website (1/5 Sessions)











  • Weight Control – from the Hypnotica site by Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D





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